We use UK ring sizing for all of our rings*. But if you're unsure and want to check your exact ring size download here our printable sizer! Ensuring your ring is the perfect fit is extremely important to us, so please take into consideration that if you're feeling too hot, or too cold, this can affect your finger size.

HOW TO: use your ring sizer

  1. To ensure the ring sizer prints at the correct size, do not print from the web. Save the ring sizer file first, then go into the saved documents and select "print". This will ensure it prints to A4 size. Then:

    PC – go to ‘print’ and make sure the ‘fit to page’ box is unchecked
    MAC – go to ‘print’, then ‘page scaling’ and ensure ‘none’ is selected

  2. To confirm it has printed the correct size, measure the lines marked A and B

  3. Cut around the serrated lines and the serrated slit at the top of the sizer – the best way to do this is to fold it in half lengthways, and cut along the serrated edge, so that when you unfold it you will have a single slit in the middle

  4. Push the opposite end through the slit and place on the selected finger. Adjust to fit and make sure it can slide on and off comfortably

  5. The line will indicate your ring size


*The Unicorn Raibow Silver and Black Silver rings use a more generic S-M-L sizing parameter due to the adjustable ring body feature that can be easily adapted to fit your finger size perfectly. Below you can find a conversion chart.

size chart

If you have any doubts or enquiries don't hesitate and send us a message! We'll be more than happy to help you out.